Lunchroom Remodel

At Lakeland Pallets, we strive to maintain a positive and safe work environment for our team.  In an effort to enhance our team members’ welfare, the breakroom and a couple offices, were remodeled at our Grand Rapids location.  We are thrilled with the end result and so are our team members.  The foosball tournament is already underway!

First Ever PCR for Wooden Pallets

First Ever PCR for Wooden Pallets

Today, UL announces the publication of the first-ever Product Category Rules (PCR) for wooden pallets. The PCR is used to benchmark the environmental impacts of wooden pallets, and sets a new precedence for life cycle assessments for pallets made from other materials, like plastic, metal or cardboard. The PCR was sponsored by NWPCA in conjunction with the USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Lab. This PCR for wooden pallets is now a publicly available standard, and must be taken into consideration for developing EPDs for pallets made from other materials. Read the full announcement and related links.