Cool ideas for Pallet Upcycling

You’ve probably seen some pallet wood projects—they’re all the rage right now! DIYers have come up with thousands of ways to recycle used pallets into stunning pieces of art, furniture, etc. It seems that everyone is finding new ways to rip pallets apart and put the pieces back together to create something new.

While we’re definitely huge fans of using pallets for their intended purpose and recycling old ones, we also love a good pallet wood DIY! Here are a few of our favorite upcycles:

Pallet Wood Headboard

This is such a cool way to use natural wood in your room. It adds some rustic flair, but is surprisingly versatile! The pictured headboard has been painted and distressed, but a solid coat of paint, a good stain, or even bare wood would create completely different looks to the headboard.

Pallet Wood End Table

This end table is genius. It’s simple and clean, and the finish is beautiful (and probably weather resistant). Upcycling used pallet wood into furniture is a great way to go. This wood is sturdy and weathered already. Choose a finish that’ll fit your home, and you’ll have an eye-catching, one of a kind piece!

Pallet Wood Accent Wall

We’ve seen this done many different ways, in many different locations. Bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms all sport a pallet wood accent wall beautifully. This is an inexpensive upgrade with huge impact! Adding an accent wall of pallet wood is simple, straightforward, and quick, but it will look like a million bucks.

As you can tell, we love pallets. New and used, reconditioned or specially designed, they’re the workhorses of the shipping industry. Over the past few years though, they’ve also been recognized for their beauty and versatility. It’s great to see everyone’s creativity. Grab some pallets and try a project this weekend! You won’t be disappointed.

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