Standard + Non Standard Pallet Sizes

Custom Pallet Design

At Lakeland Pallets, we engineer our pallets using the Pallet Design System™ (PDS), a product specification and design tool developed specifically for the wood pallet industry. This system aids in waste reduction, assembly set-up, quality control, durability analysis, and pallet blueprints.

Backed by 40+ years of cutting-edge research and development

Highly respected throughout the material handling industry

Takes the guesswork out of board placement on a custom wood pallet

Custom Built Pallets with Lakeland Pallets

We build many of the standard-size pallets, but we also specialize in euro pallets, oversized pallets, and non-standard pallet sizes. Taking special consideration of your product’s size, weight, and dimensions, we design custom industrial pallets that offer the best possible support.

Benefits of Custom Pallet Design:


Cost Savings

Reduce costs and waste when you stop paying for pallets that aren’t a perfect fit for your space, product size, or product weight.


Damage Reduction

Reduce damages to any fragile machines or goods with pallets that are made to handle your product safely.



Significantly increase safety throughout the entire unit loading handling system when you get pallets that better support the specific weight of your product.

Space Optimization

Make the most of your warehouse space with custom-built pallets. Stop accommodating to pallet sizes—get pallet sizes that work for you!

Reduce Your Pallet Costs & Optimize Your Efficiency

Get custom-sized pallets in several convenient Lakeland Pallets locations. Reach out today for a quote.

Lakeland Pallets, Inc: Tested, Trusted, True.

Who Benefits From Custom Pallet Design?

Are you looking for more flexible packaging and warehousing solutions? Our custom pallet design services are made to solve your unique handling issues, no matter the industry!

Custom Wood Pallets Are Perfect if You Have:

Overweight products

Oversized products

Products impacted by federal law

Limited storage space

Industries That Rely on Custom Wood Pallets:

  • Steel & Metal 
  • Glass
  • Warehousing
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Consumer Goods
  • E-Commerce
  • Health Care Equipment
  • Wholesale Trade

Custom Pallet Design Near Me

Located in Grand Rapids, MI, Geneva, IL, and Elkhart, IN, Lakeland Pallets serves areas including but not limited to: