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Our commitment to quality ensures that the remanufactured and reconditioned pallets we supply are not only cost-effective, but environmentally responsible and structurally dependable. 

We supply used pallets in West Michigan and throughout the Great Lakes region and have been in business for nearly two decades. Our three locations in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois are here to serve you: we offer remanufactured, reconditioned, repaired, and custom-built wood pallets.

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Buying used pallets is one of the most effective strategies for reducing your supply chain costs. Wooden pallets are especially economical: they are able to be repaired or remanufactured multiple times and last for many years.

The Benefits Include:

Used Pallet Inventory

Lakeland Pallets offers a variety of standard and specialty used wood pallet options including GMA pallets, stringer pallets, block pallets, double-face pallets, skids, and more. We stock the common pallet sizes, including:

Custom Remanufactured Pallets: Pallet Design System

Lakeland Pallets, Inc. uses the cutting-edge Pallet Design System™ (PDS) to design custom remanufactured pallets and consistently produce custom wood pallet orders of any size. By scientifically determining the load capacity, design requirements, and material needed, we can provide custom-built pallets for your exact requirements—at the best possible price. 

Remanufactured or Reconditioned: What’s the Difference?

We offer lower cost alternatives to new pallets by incorporating both new lumber and repurposed pallet material to create a used product that is not only cost-effective, but environmentally responsible and structurally dependable.

Reconditioned pallets, or “refurbished” pallets, are used pallets that are not at the end of their life cycle, but still require repairs to meet quality standards. Remanufactured pallets are custom built from reclaimed usable wood pallet components, often both a combination of used and new lumber. These can be designed to your specifications with our Pallet Design System™ (PDS) and are then built by our team.

Since recycled/reconditioned pallets can be made from readily available material, you can avoid disruptions otherwise caused by lumber shortages. These pallets can come in the standard pallet sizes as well as specialty remanufactured sizes.

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Whether you need your pallets repaired for continued use or you need a custom-built solution, find high-quality used pallet options at Lakeland Pallets. At our locations in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, we are pallet manufacturers and suppliers of both new and used pallets and wood products. Plus, our convenient pallet programs make future repair and reuse easy for your business. For a quote on a pallet order or repairs, send us a message online or call a Lakeland location nearest you.

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Offering our full range of products and services as pallet manufacturers, we provide used, remanufactured, and reconditioned wooden pallets and more wood products in the Great Lakes area and throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, including:

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