Custom Crates & Boxes

Safely ship your products, equipment, or machinery. We build custom crates and boxes designed to secure and protect your products during transit. Crafted from high-quality lumber and plywood materials, our wooden shipping crates are ISPM-15 certified, guaranteeing compliance with international regulations for shipping overseas. We also offer bulk plastic containers and corrugated boxes. Whether you’re in search of new or used options, our expert manufacturers specialize in creating durable packaging solutions tailored to your product requirements.

Pre-built crates and kit options are available.

Perfect for:
• Domestic Shipping
• International Shipping
• Trade Shows

wooden shipping crate

We manufacture new crates & boxes and stock used products from a variety of materials, including:

Wood Shipping Crates
Plywood/OSB Crates
Bulk Plastic Containers
Corrugated Boxes

New Custom Built Crates & Boxes

Our wooden shipping boxes and crates are made from high-quality lumber and plywood/OSB panel products, and are heat treated for optimal durability. Our crate manufacturers custom build each product to match the dimensions and specifications of the items you need shipped.

Pre-built crates and kit options are available.

Used Shipping Crates & Boxes

Looking for cheaper alternatives for shipping? Our selection of used crates and boxes includes wood, plywood, OSB, bulk plastic containers, and corrugated boxes. Whether you need durable wooden shipping boxes for heavy machinery or bulk plastic containers for delicate parts, we have the perfect solution to meet both your shipping requirements and your budget.

Customization & Specialty Crates

Because every product is different, a one-size-fits-all box rarely does the trick. Our specialty crates can be customized in their size, shape, materials, and interior. Some customization options include:

  • Hinged Doors/Latches
  • Handles
  • Custom Bases/Decks
  • 4-Way Forklift Entry
  • Custom Skids/Runners
  • Skeleton Crates
  • Cushioned Crates
  • Custom Dividers & Dunnage
  • Moisture-Resistant Materials
  • Oversized Crates & Boxes
  • Anti-Shock / Shock-Resistant Builds

Trade Show Shipping Crates

Our custom crates can be fully reusable, making them perfect for trade shows or transporting your products and equipment from event to event. Made from high-quality lumber and plywood, our trade show crates can be made in any size with doors, runners, and any customization based on your specifications.

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Well-Built & Durable
Fast Delivery
Customizable/Custom Build Options

Get Custom Crates and Pallets: On-Time & On-Budget

Looking for the perfect solution to ship your goods safely and securely? Our custom crates, boxes, and pallets are built to withstand the rigors of transportation so that even your most sensitive items arrive at their destination intact. From heavy-duty shipping crates to small wooden shipping crates for more delicate items, we’ll provide you with any volume of crates/boxes to meet your needs at our Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Elkhart locations.

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