The Importance of Michigan Lumber and Trade Routes

If you live in Michigan like we do, or have ever visited, you’ve seen how beautiful and plentiful the trees are here. There are forests everywhere you turn, both young and old. Pine, maple, oak, cedar, and birch are only a few of the types of wood Michigan supplies. Thanks to our climate and rainfall, trees are one of our state’s best features! The logging industry creates thousands of jobs, and brings more money into the state through trade. Michigan provides abundant wood for construction, furniture, and housing.

The abundance of lumber is also a great resource for the pallet industry!

As it is, Michigan is perfectly positioned to transport goods to Canada. The Ambassador Bridge is the most common border crossing in terms of trade volume, with millions of trucks carrying cargo crossing the bridge every year. Michigan’s ports are also invaluable to the nation’s trade, both with Canada and abroad. In fact, many ports in the Great Lakes are closer to European ports than their counterparts on the country’s East Coast! This saves ships valuable time and miles, making Michigan cost-competitive option for cargo shipping.

All this shipping requires a mass quantity of pallets, which we’re able to supply sustainably thanks to Michigan’s lumber. Without our healthy trees and busy ports, Michigan would likely not be a front-runner in the pallet industry. We’re proud to be located in the Great Lakes state, and to be able to support Michigan’s impressive trade industry with our pallets and crates.

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